Active Equity

Equity strategies focused in areas that are ripe for active management

Within the sea of equities, we are focused in areas where active management can truly be successful. The S&P 500 is the most widely covered universe in the world. With 35 years of experience in global equities, we are well-versed in covering it, too. But there is a great deal of opportunity for great investments in the areas outside of that highly saturated pond- where coverage, data and liquidity are still robust. That is where we want to be.

We offer our clients long-only and long-short equity strategies across a broad universe of stocks in the US, international developed and emerging markets. After over three decades of research and investment experience, our objective is still the same: Offer our clients diversified and risk-controlled portfolios that are based on disciplined, fundamentally-based quantitative investment approaches.

United States

Russell 2500

International Developed


  • EAFE Long-Short

Emerging Markets

MSCI Emerging Markets

  • EM Long-Short

United States

Russell 2500 Index

US Long-Only

US Long-Short

International Developed


EAFE Long-Short

Emerging Markets

MSCI Emerging Markets Index

EM Long-Short